The Company:

Value & Resource Mobilizer (VRMOB)is the vital link in the training, consultancy & contract services, adding value with efficient and cost-effective service and solutions for our Clients.

The Value & Resource Mobilizer (VRMOB)is a team of dedicated consultants, trainer and staff committed to the delivery of quality services, consultancy, and training to all size of business specially small and mid-size businesses with exceptional customer service and convenience.

The Value & Resource Mobilizer (VRMOB)is a unique business consulting firm, that delivers services solutions to organizations in their support business areas like HR, Administration & Compliance, Quality, IT, Procurement, Health & safety, Finance, Insurance, EOBI, Taxation and other government Issues, Legal Compliance Issues with high professional value. That enables organizations to firm focus on their core business activities like production; Marketing etc by complete or partial outsource their support business activities. The aim of SSA is to cut overhead costs of our client that resulting in increase in profit margin

Our Success Philosophy:

Our philosophy to achieve our vision:

  • Spread partner culture:
Our Clients, our Consultants, our suppliers, and our employees are our partners, who ever encourage & contribute their undeviating values in our success. We always treat each other with respect and dignity. And we hold each other to that standard.
  • Continuous improvement culture:
Listen our partners and create an environment where ideas are encouraged, respected, and rewarded. Encourage an improvement culture in all aspect of organization as well as personal management.
  • Spread winning Culture of team work:
Our win-win strategy defines us the attitudes and behaviors that will be required of us to make our vision a reality.
  • Emphasize on Training & Development program:
Training and development of employees as well as partners as new needs and technology.

Our commitment:

  • Satisfy the partner's needs, wants, and wishes.
  • Conform to partner's set of standards to make sure training & service is always of the highest standard.
  • Drive partners value.
  • Be accountable.

Core Values:

        We will take responsibility for our area of influence as if this is our enterprise. We will commit to excellence.
        We will walk the talk. We will be committed to a consistent, honest and reliable way of action.
        We appreciate other individuals with their own cultural identities. We embrace differences.
Team Spirit:
        We actively contribute to overcome challenges as a team.
        We will provide full information required. We will communicate openly and sincerely.
Continuous Improvement:
        We believe on continuous improvement. We appreciate feedback and suggestions.

January, July : Behavioral Training Programs

May, November: Occupational Health & Safety Training Programs

March, September, : HR & Admin Training Programs

Others Trainings Programs Announce Time to Time


Enhance client's profit margin by delivering best consulting and contract/outsource servicing & Development of client's human resource as competitive edge assets through quality & cost efficient training.


Our mission is to provide world class quality training, consultancy & contract services of all our clients, thus resulting in cut in overhead cost, higher productivity, employee satisfaction, and firm up enhance profit margin in bottom line.
     Our Cor Values

  • Accountability

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Team Spirit

  • Transparency

  • Continuous Improvement

  Satisfy the partner's needs, wants, and wishes.

  Conform to partner's set of standards to make sure training & service is always of the highest standard.

  Drive partners value.

  Be accountable.
Why you chose VRMOB
·  Reduce overheads
·  Increase Productivity
·  Increase Revenue
·  Increase Profitability
·  Increase Business Longevity
·  Create a success cycle:
·  Reduce risk:
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