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Contract Services:

With today's competitive market conditions, require the qualified professionals, providing Quality & Reliability support in specific areas.

Contract outsourcing is one of the smartest moves a company can make, allowing you to offer comprehensive services with none of the expensive overhead or departmental bureaucracy.

Value & Resource Mobilizer (VRMOB) provides contract services for short and long term basis with experienced, professionals is well deserved. Our professionals are equipped with industry best-practices and experience to accomplish your goals on time.

Choose VRMOB contract services for your short and long term contract solutions, and discover the Value!

  1.     Out Source Human Resource

  1.     Employee Relation

  1.     Employee Counseling Cell

  1.     Recruitment/Head Hunting

  1.     Salary Survey

  1.     EOBI and other government agencies relation

  1.     Vendor Management

  1.     Quality Assurance Services

  1.     Occupational Safety Room/Fire Fighting & First Aid Room

  1.     Payroll Services

  1.     Engineering & Production Services

  1.     Audit

  1.     Compliance Management

  1.     ERP Development & Establishment

  1.     Group Life, Medical Insurance

  1.     General, Marine Insurance

  1.     Purchase/Supply Chain Management

  1.     Legal Compliance

·  Reduce overheads
·  Increase Productivity
·  Increase Revenue
·  Increase Profitability
·  Increase Business Longevity
·  Create a success cycle:
·  Reduce risk:
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